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Introductions need to be made..

1. Name: Kat
2. Age: 28
3. Location: Philadelphia, PA

1. Name the best bands/singers of the 80's (up to 5). Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Madonna
2. What is the best song from the 80's?
I Am the Warrior
3. Top 3 sexy singers from the 80's. Billy Idol, Adam Ant, Sebastian Bach (of Skid Row)
4. What band/singer should have never come out to begin with? Why? Gary Glitter. That stupid song they still use to this day in hockey games is absolutely annoying. Sides, the dude's a kiddie porn freak.
5. Name one band that deserved more than a one hit wonder. Mmm.. Spandau Ballet? Did they ever have another hit?
6. What is your opinion of MTV in the 80's? From what I remember it was strictly music. And now it shows about two hours of music in the morning, we need to erase and rewind.
7. Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper, or Madonna? Why? Cyndi Lauper all the way. She actually inspired me more than any other artist I've ever come across. Because of her, I used my mother's eye shadow to color my Barbie doll's hair. Because of her, I dyed my own hair crazy colors and because of her, I love trashy goofy stuff.

1. Top movies made in the 80's (up to 5). Sixteen Candles, The Legend of Billie Jean, Better Off Dead, Willow, Legend
2. Best horror movie to come out of the 80's? A Nightmare on Elm Street
3. Opinion of John Waters films. The man is a genius.
4. Best actor/actress from the 80's. I wanted to say the Coreys, but because I could only choose one I decided to go with John Cusack instead. I can't choose between the Coreys, I just can't. For actress - Winona Ryder.
5. Best line out of an 80's film. "Screw your hallpass." Loudly whispered by Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street.
6. Best soundtrack from a film. The Breakfast Club

1. Name something that came from the 80's you would still wear today. Jelly bracelets.
2. Crimped hair, yey or nay? In the 80s? Yay.. now, nay. Way nay.
3. Worst thing that people wore they thought looked rad. Anything spandex.

1. What is one thing you remember Ronald Reagan doing in the 80's? Cutting out cartoons to make a state of the union address. The only reason I remember that is because it's all he freaking did!
  • 2. Name what you think the most significant event was in the 80's.</i> The fall of the Berlin Wall.

    1. Best show that came out of the 80's (up to 3). Jem, She-Ra, Twin Peaks
    2. Name a character that was worth spawning it's own show. Alex P Keaton
    3. Best theme song of the 80's. Jem - she's truly outrageous!

    1. Besides the fact you lived/was born in the 80's, give a reason you think you a true 80's. Cause I still live it. Sort of. I still watch the movies and listen to New Wave and try my hardest to collect every single toy I ever had in the 80s.
    2. Where did you hear about this community? Was surfing around the communities and came across it.
    3. A picture of you showing your true 80's would help your votes a lot. Show one here if you do, if not it isn't required.

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