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1. Name:Caitlyn
2. Age:19
3. Location:Long Island, NY

1. Name the best bands/singers of the 80's (up to 5).Tears for Fears,the Cure, the Clash,Echo and the Bunnymen, Flock of Seagulls (Duran Duran)
2. What is the best song from the 80's? "head over Heels"-Tears for Fears
3. Top 3 sexy singers from the 80's. Michael Bolton,Billy Idol,Sting
4. What band/singer should have never come out to begin with? Why?Umm...I will hafta get back to you on this one...I really can't think of any 80s artist that was all bad.
5. Name on band that deserved more than a one hit wonder. Sugar Hill Gang (Rapper's Delight)
6. What is your opinion of MTV in the 80's?umm...the greatest MtV years ever...duuuh
7. Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper, or Madonna? Why? Cyndi Lauper..I love her clothes, her hair, her music, her voice...everything. unsual hehe.  Also, she was an awesome part of early MtV

1. Top movies made in the 80's (up to 5).Back to the Future,Ferris Beueller's day off,Sixteen Candles, Say Anything,Dirty Dancing, (Ghostbusters & Gremlins tooo!)
2. Best horror movie to come out of the 80's? Pet really freaked me out for a long time.
3. Opinion of John Waters films. I love Hairspray =-)
4. Best actor/actress from the 80's.Sly Stalone,Tom Cruise,Harisson Ford,John Stamos,John Travolta
5. Best line out of an 80's film. "Our Love is God..Let's Go Get a Slushie"...(The Heathers)
6. Best soundtrack from a film. Top Gun-"Take My Breath Away"- Berlin(not jessica simpson version)
&  The Time of My Life - Bill Medley from Dirty Dancing ( i sang this sooo much when i was little!!)

1. Name something that came from the 80's you would still wear today. Side ponytail, big earrings, pom pom sweaters jelly sandals,Neon everything
2. Crimped hair, yey or nay?yey if your hair is naturally straight...but if its curly like mine..don't push your luck
3. Worst thing that people wore they thought looked rad. Shoulder Pads!!! 

1. What is one thing you remember Ronald Reagan doing in the 80's? I don't remember much, but i remember low taxes and everyone saying how rad he was.  Happy Times
2. Name what you think the most significant event was in the 80's.  Probably the Challenger Crash....the 80s were so peaceful and light-hearted...then that happens.  Still so sad.  Berlin Wall coming down was very big as well.

1. Best show that came out of the 80's (up to 3). Alf, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Night Court
2. Name a character that was worth spawning it's own show. Mike Seaver =-)
3. Best theme song of the 80's. Mr Belvedere, Wonder Years

1. Besides the fact you lived/was born in the 80's, give a reason you think you a true 80's. Mmm...I secretly never got over the 80s. My ipod is all 80s music (doesn't that sound weird?) and i still dress with long pearls and side ponytails.  My earrings are big and my hair is bigger.  When i was a little kid i dreamed of wearing a short red dress and a hot boyfriends jacket...not much has changed haha.
2. Where did you hear about this community?i searched for back to the future since i'm so obsessed with it
3. A picture of you showing your true 80's would help your votes a lot. Show one here if you do, if not it isn't required.

Hmmmmm....I only have one picture of me w/  my side ponytail....i also find my bright green hoody to be a bit 80s....i think i will take more pics later today and update this...but heres some appetizers

i was an 80s kid:
LOOK at Raggedy ANN!!!

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