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1. Name: Lisa
2. Age: 18
3. Location: WI, USA

1. Name the best bands/singers of the 80's (up to 5). Queen, AC/DC, Ozzy, Def Leppard, and Adam and the Ants
2. What is the best song from the 80's? Princes of the Universe
3. Top 3 sexy singers from the 80's. Freddie Mercury, Adam Ant, and Joe Elliot
4. What band/singer should have never come out to begin with? Why? Elton John, because he's wrong in ever sense of the word
5. Name on band that deserved more than a one hit wonder. A-ha
6. What is your opinion of MTV in the 80's? didn't watch it
7. Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper, or Madonna? Why? Pat Benatar because I like her style

1. Top movies made in the 80's (up to 5). The Breakfast club, The Highlander, 48 hours, Back to the Future, and Sixteen candles
2. Best horror movie to come out of the 80's? Hellraiser
3. Opinion of John Waters films. don't know who that is
4. Best actor/actress from the 80's. Anthony Michael Hall
5. Best line out of an 80's film. There can be only one
6. Best soundtrack from a film. The Highlander soundtrack

1. Name something that came from the 80's you would still wear today. Long suit coats
2. Crimped hair, yey or nay? nay
3. Worst thing that people wore they thought looked rad. head scarves

1. What is one thing you remember Ronald Reagan doing in the 80's? never paid attention
2. Name what you think the most significant event was in the 80's. the Berlin wall came down

1. Best show that came out of the 80's (up to 3). Dinasaurs, Captin Planet (he's our hero), and DAVID THE GNOME ( Love Daivd the gnome)
2. Name a character that was worth spawning it's own show. Alf
3. Best theme song of the 80's. David the Gnome's theme song

1. Besides the fact you lived/was born in the 80's, give a reason you think you a true 80's. because everything I love is from the 80's, because the 80's were the best decade of all time
2. Where did you hear about this community? just found it browsing
3. A picture of you showing your true 80's would help your votes a lot. Show one here if you do, if not it isn't required.
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